Welcome Message

It is great honour and pleasure to host the ACF Seminar 2020 on Recycling for Construction Materials under the support of the Asian Concrete Federation, Korean Recycled Construction Resource Institute and Vietnam Concrete Associate. The seminar will be held at Danang Sheraton Grand Danang Resort, Vietnam, on 16-19 December 2020.

The main theme of the ACF seminar 2020 is 쏳ecycling for Construction Materials. Recently, the world is facing more natural or man-made disasters due to the increase of wastes produced in daily life, consequently, not only humankind but also the entire eco-system is suffered. Therefore it has become necessary for mankind to endeavor to do best in reducing the discharge of wastes or recycling them. If recycling is not possible, we need to find an alternate usage of the wastes or try to treat the disposal safer to the environment. A unified approach for the future survival of humankind on Earth must be found. What we call 쐗aste which can be utilized as construction materials could be solid construction disposals, coal ash waste, steel slag and so on. And a significant amount of those materials are produced in the Asian-Pacific region under the rapid development of industry in the 21st century. Thus, discussions and studies on recycling and upcycling of the recyclable wastes into construction materials would promote will give solutions to make greener globe.

The seminar aims at providing a forum for conversation on recycling construction materials-related topics. The seminar will bring researchers, academics, and industry professionals who contribute towards the survival of the ecosystem and human, to share various experiences on technical development and assessment altogether. I encourage all the participants to contribute and collaborate in finding solutions as a civil engineer.

Jin Man Kim
Chair of ACF Seminar 2020