Keynote Lectures

Karen Scrivener
횋cole polytechnique f챕d챕rale de Lausanne, Switzerland
Karen Scrivener leads Laboratory of Construction Materials (LMC) in the EPFL pioneering research activities on cementitious materials. The main focus is on sustainability. The majority of her research concerns understanding the processes governing the performance of cementitious materials through quantitative microstructural characterisation using analytical techniques such as SEM, XRD, TEM, TGA, and NMR. For ACF seminar 2020, she gives a lecture on 쏛 reduction of the CO2 emissions from cementitious materials.
Hiroshi Yokota
Hokkaido University, Japan
Hiroshi Yokota works on lifetime management of concrete structure: monitoring of concrete deterioration and maintenance of the entire infrastructure. The evaluation of maintenance scenario by lifecycle cost estimation is one of the best strategy to deal with developing sustainable materials for concrete structures. The lifecycle assessment and management can be applied to diverse recycling materials. He gives a lecture on 쏡urability assessment of recycled aggregate used concrete structure.
Stephen Foster
University of New South Wales, Australia
Stephen Foster셲 research mainly concerns behaviour of concrete structures. Particularly, his interests are on bringing new and advanced materials to the engineering of structures such as UHPC, FRC and geopolymer to strengthen and repair the concrete structures. He gives a lecture on 쏹se of waste materials and by-products in concrete construction and the pathway to standardization.